Is your website cool?

Is your website lacking a “cool” factor? It’s important to keep up with trends and technology. Visitors make a snap judgment when they visit your site. If it looks old and dated, it may discredit you. Here’s how to design a modern and cool-looking website to stay current and credible.   #1 When was the last time you updated your site? This is the first and most basic question. If it was more than a year ago, chances are you’re missing out. New technologies and website features are developed on a regular basis. You certainly don’t have to take advantage Continue Reading

A Primer on Publishing With WordPress, Part Five: Maintaining & Monetizing

Alright gang, we have come to the final lesson in A Primer on Publishing With WordPress. I sure hope you have enjoyed your lessons and learned a lot about using WordPress to publish your content online. Today we’re going to talk about maintaining and monetizing WordPress. First let’s talk a little bit about maintenance. Since you’ve put so much time and effort into building your website with WordPress It is important that you take the time to maintain it regularly. While most of the systems that we have discussed throughout this course will not need any monitoring or updating there are some that will. It Continue Reading

A Primer on Publishing With WordPress, Part Four: Choosing the Best Plugins

Well we’re winding down to the end of this short course. But we still need to go over a few things so that you can start publishing your own content using WordPress. Today we are going to talk more about choosing the Best Plugins to make your website more functional. As we have discussed before, WordPress Plugins can greatly improve how your website looks and performs. Plugins have the ability to help you make your website into virtually anything you want it to be. In your last lesson we talked a little bit about how to install and activate Plugins. Let’s recap: First, log in to your Continue Reading

A Primer on Publishing With WordPress, Part Three: How to Customize WordPress

It’s time for your second lesson in A Primer on Publishing with WordPress! In the previous lesson we talked about the easiest way to install WordPress and how to access your WP-admin area so that you can begin customizing you new website! Today we are going to talk about how to customize WordPress by adding themes and Plugins, so that your new website can look good and work great! As we have discussed in your previous lesson, one of the things that makes WordPress such a versatile content management system is the fact that it is incredibly easy to change the Continue Reading

How to Write a Landing Page That Sells

How to Write a Landing Page That Sells If you are using a landing page or sales page to try and get quality leads, then knowing how to write a landing page with persuasive text will make all the difference to your success. If you do this effectively, then you can make your offer (lead-magnet, newsletter, products or services) sound like an amazing opportunity that anyone would be crazy to turn down. But most importantly, you need to sell the ‘value proposition’ and guide your prospective customers into imagining just how much your offer is going to benefit them. If Continue Reading

3 Smart Solutions to Online Customer Engagement

Online customer engagement is a key component of your business success. But, to do so requires some effort and preparation on your part. Here are 3 smart ways that are guaranteed to help you build or improve a strategy for online customer engagement. 1. Social Media Social media a wide-ranging arena, including crowdsourced imagery, basic embedded tweets, social sign-in for comments, incentives for content, trending products, share urgency and much more. Social media is a resource that should never be neglected. Because there are so many social media networks to utilize, you should know your customer well enough to choose Continue Reading

Why Hackers Want Your Website

Over the years, we have seen many stories in the news regarding hackers and how they are constantly on the prowl for information and access to websites. Even today, there are people who have a sole job to break into WordPress websites but why is this the case? When people read this, they instantly feel nervous and look for advice considering WordPress can be found on around 25% of all websites in the world. However, to find solutions and stay protected, we first have to learn their motives and exactly why they spend their days doing what they do. Spam Continue Reading