3 Smart Solutions to Online Customer Engagement

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Online customer engagement is a key component of your business success.

But, to do so requires some effort and preparation on your part. Here are 3 smart ways that are guaranteed to help you build or improve a strategy for online customer engagement.

1. Social Media

Social media a wide-ranging arena, including crowdsourced imagery, basic embedded tweets, social sign-in for comments, incentives for content, trending products, share urgency and much more.

Social media is a resource that should never be neglected. Because there are so many social media networks to utilize, you should know your customer well enough to choose what social media channels would work best for both yours and their gain. Use as many social media channels as you feel will be helpful to keep your strategy for online customer engagement.

2. Site search

Make your site’s search function as basic and as useful as possible. Consider a website that you personally frequent and test out their search feature. Take notes on what works!

The reliability of your results are crucial… so pay attention to that as your main priority. Then, make it easy for your visitor to use. Make the search as efficient as possible. Remember, the easier it is for your customers to find what they want and need, the better…. for both you and them!

3 Live chat

The call to action is incredibly important on every business site, and live chat can play a vital role in achieving it. Live chat is a valuable feature with many functions. You can have live chat to solve customer complaints, answer questions, provide inventory lists, etc. Live chat provides instant gratification for the customer and is an excellent way for you to engage with your customers online.

Just note that it is important not to frustrate your customer by claiming you have live chat and then never being online to respond. No live chat is better than this method. Clearly state the hours when live chat will be available.

Make use of these 3 smart ways to engage your customer online and keep them satisfied. Your customers are the key to your success, so make sure that a strategy to engage with them is given the attention it deserves.