About TheKristenSam

Hi there. I'm Kristen.

First and foremost, I’m a thinker. I think outside the box, inside the box, inspect the material, analyze the creases – all that jazz. Secondly, creativity runs directly through my bones. Good design gives me goose bumps. Colors, patterns, grids, fonts. They’re all magnificent little puzzle pieces just waiting to create absolutely anything you wish! To me. that is fascinating.

But that’s just where I meet the standards….

What sets me a part from the crowd is an idea that I carry to and from each and every project I work on. Web and graphic design isn’t just art. It’s more than aesthetics. It’s communication. It’s artistically, aesthetically and visually communicating an idea. Art provokes emotion. Visual communication uses that emotion to lead you somewhere… to a message, a product, a value, a brand.

I am so much more than a web designer. I am a visual communicator. I speak the language of color schemes, call-to-actions, and user experience.

When I’m not working on websites for my amazing clients, you can find me hanging with my husband (he’s my best friend), dog, and cat. I’m a homebody who just loves a good quiet evening, sketching on my iPad, and loving on my pets. I also love coffee, being at the beach, and books that inspire the reader to be their best self (I may be a little bit of a personal development junkie, haha).