Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an important aspect of successful marketing. It is a measure of how well your brand is known within the target markets you are involved in. Included are your logos, taglines, and values that are associated with your services or products offered. Below are a few reasons why brand awareness is important to businesses today.

Being Known = Being Chosen

This is important to remember when focusing on new clientele that are faced with decisions. College students buying laundry detergent for the first time after leaving home will buy the brand they know (typically the one their family uses), rather than sampling other brands. This means that they choose the brand and its values they are most aware of that is relative to the service (or product) that they are seeking. These are new prospective clients, but being aware of your brand will influence their decision.

Creating a loyal client base

Obtaining new clients costs time and money, which is why the majority of successful business rely on return clients. Focusing on high levels of brand awareness increases the likelihood that your brand will be top of mind (see next), resulting in increased return clients.

Top of Mind

When a client is looking for a specific category of work to be done, they think of you first. This is built through repeated exposure and consistent quality production. Quality of service is the key to top of mind brand awareness being successful. If the quality of service is poor, your brad could be top of mind as one to avoid.

Digital Impact

Technology has become a major part of life, and has made it easier to access reviews and information about a business and a brand immediately. This means good or bad information and reviews of your brand are easily accessible, making it key that you establish a strong reputation for the quality of your work and the integrity of your business.

For the most successful brand awareness campaign, ensure that your products and services deliver quality and timeliness, and that your message and company values are conveyed. Word of mouth is a business’ best friend, and getting your message and values across will only grow your client base.

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