Landing Page and Sales Page Design

For all you website owners who have steady traffic reaching your websites but are falling short on gaining leads and/or making sales, the problem more than likely exists in the delivery of your content. This is the moment where a landing/sales page becomes the tool you can use to transform visitors into leads and leads into paying customers.

It is quite common for many website owners to struggle at this point in their marketing strategies. You’ve have worked effortlessly to promote your website’s products and services and probably feel that should have been enough. The problem is, people are still too easily distracted. When a visitor has not quickly discovered how your offerings can benefit them, they move on. A landing page or sales page will help them to see clearly why investing their hard-earned money in your products and services is the best solution for them.

We accomplish this task by incorporating, and designing around,

  • Strong, Attention-grabbing Headlines
  • An introduction that prompts an emotional response
  • Credibility and proof devices
  • A list of benefits
  • A list of features
  • A bonus (optional)
  • Building excitement around the value
  • Having a clear and concise point of sale
  • A “Thank You” page

Now, there are several ways to use this tool. One of the most effective methods is to create one page for each product or service you are selling on your website. For example, if you are an Attorney and have five major practice areas, we would develop a sales page for each one. This way, when a visitor reaches your website, they are able to follow a structured flow of interior pages as they discover just what it is they need from you…then… BAM! Hit them with a detailed explanation, exciting value proposition, proof of value, etc – keeping their attention focused on exactly what they need, and gaining confidence that you will provide it.

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