Pre-Made WordPress Theme or Template Setup

Pre-made WordPress Theme & Template

If you plan to launch a website, you may be asking yourself if it’s worth the cost to hire a web designer/developer or just do it yourself. While web design freelancers, such as myself, will certainly be able to create a custom theme, tailored to your specific needs, that might not be what you need at this point. If your website is content based with basic functionality, you can definitely save yourself some money by choosing to install a pre-made WordPress theme instead. Just about anyone can build a content based site with minimal technical skill. But what I do NOT suggest, is using DIY Website Builder (like WIX or Squarespace).

The Solution is WordPress

Kristen Sam offers a variety of pre-made WordPress theme in the Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Pete areas. Call 727-304-3383 for a free consultation.If you haven’t come to know WordPress yet, jump over to this post to learn more – but, in short, it’s the most ideal platform for businesses to build their own websites without needing a programmer on board. This platform allows you to create static webpages, blog posts, photo galleries and more. Currently, thousands of plugins are available to extend the abilities of WordPress. In other words you can absolutely create any type of website!

The front-end display of a WordPress website is controlled by themes. You can use a WordPress Theme that already exists or can design it using a Theme Design Software like Ultimatum. Many themes (not all) are at least easy to modify. In addition, most hosting providers have an easy one-click install feature, so you won’t have to do anything complex to install the software onto your host.

Once WordPress is installed on your hosted domain, install a pre-made theme of your choice, and manage your site entirely through the admin control panel. Everything from adding content to arranging widgets can easily be done through this back-end admin section, which means you won’t need to sort through pages of complicated code to make your website work!

And, lucky for you, I’ve got some affordable theming solutions in my design library that I would like to share with you. If you’re interested, simply fill out the form below so I know where and to whom I am sending my catalogue to.

Browse through the options, choose a theme you like, and we can go from there. I’m sure I’ve got the perfect option for you, so don’t hesitate!