Basic WordPress Management

Do you have what it takes to maintain your WordPress install?

For the majority of small business websites, there isn’t really a need for excessive precautions. Simply keeping up with several practical safety measures could very well save you loads of hassle. Oftentimes, WordPress websites are exposed as a result of out-of-date core files and/or plugins. Files that are outdated can possibly be track and you are providing hackers with an open invitation to your site.

Other important tasks are things like using a different username than the default ‘admin,’ stronger passwords, protected files, current backups, installed updates, limited login attempts, and more.

Taking the time to perform these tasks that will shield your website from cyber threats, or at the very least, lessen the possibility that you will be targeted and your website hacked.

But, do you have the time?



Your website is an investment in both time and money. It represents you and your business 24/ 7, attracting interested visitors to learn more about you, your services, and your product. However, if you do not properly maintain your website it becomes vulnerable to attacks by hackers embedding malware, spam, as well as potentially infecting your visitor’s computers.

Still not sure?

Check out a blog post I wrote to better explain why you need to keep your WordPress website maintained:

WordPress Maintenance: What I Offer & Why You Need It

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