From TORQUEMAG: How to Speed Test Your Website (Metrics, Tools, Optimization Tips)

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This article was originally posted on by Nick Schäferhoff

How to Speed Test Your Website (Metrics, Tools, Optimization Tips)

As a site owner, it’s important that you learn how to speed test your website. Page loading speed influences many things, from user experience over conversions to SEO. That’s why we have already covered how to improve it in these posts:

However, the basis of putting any of these tips into action is that you have a proper understanding of the current state of your site. While there are many software solutions to test site speed out there you also need to be able to understand and interpret the results. Only then can you take steps to correct problems.

In this post, you will learn exactly that. Below, we will discuss in depth how to speed test your WordPress site. We will go over the loading process of web pages, examine important speed metrics and list tools to test them. After that, the post will discuss how to acquire meaningful data from that and what to do with the results.

Learning this will allow you to take the correct measures to make your site load fast and be of better service to your audience.

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