How to Write a Landing Page That Sells

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How to Write a Landing Page That Sells

If you are using a landing page or sales page to try and get quality leads, then knowing how to write a landing page with persuasive text will make all the difference to your success. If you do this effectively, then you can make your offer (lead-magnet, newsletter, products or services) sound like an amazing opportunity that anyone would be crazy to turn down. But most importantly, you need to sell the ‘value proposition’ and guide your prospective customers into imagining just how much your offer is going to benefit them.

If you’re like me and do not consider yourself “good” at copy-writing, then you’re likely still wondering how exactly this gets done. It’s simple really, follow the tips below and your content should be much more powerful at converting your website visitors into quality leads.

Use a Narrative

People love following a narrative. We’re naturally compelled to find stories about other people appealing, so, when writing a landing page, you should use a story-telling style. Your main objective is going to be to try and get people interested right from the start and to hook them in before they leave the site. Using a narrative structure is a great way to achieve that and to compel your audience to read on– so tell them how the information you’re presenting helped you and get them to emotionally invest in what you’re saying.

Skip the Introduction

Also important for getting people interested from the start is to leave out the introduction and get right to the benefits of your main point. Don’t build anticipation for what you’re about to say or set the scene, just hit them with the best feature or with a surprising statistic.

Appeal to Facts

Touching more on facts and figures is a great way to support your point. It’s also a natural inclination for us to trust numbers, so this is a great way to lend more credibility to the information.

Use Headlines

Having lots of bold headings is a good way to break up your text. It makes the whole pitching process more user-friendly and easier to read. Not just that, but, it means that you can still draw in those readers who are just ‘skimming’ over your content. This is how a considerable amount of people read now-a-days, so if possible, try to tell the whole story through your headings only.

Sell the Value Proposition

Finally, aim to focus on what it is that you’re actually selling. Clearly and concisely, define the actual value. How will your offer benefit your readers? How will it change their life or their business?