How WordPress Maintenance Services Effects You And Your Business

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Creating a WordPress website doesn’t end at design and development.

After a WordPress website has been “launched,” it still needs to be maintained.

What is WordPress Maintenance Service?

If you are uncertain on what all WordPress maintenance service involves, allow me to explain. On a general level, WordPress maintenance service consists of the following crucial actions to keep a WordPress site operating smoothly:

  • WordPress Updates
  • Theme and Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Backups
  • WordPress Security
  • WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress maintenance can also stretch into other areas of website support such as SEO, adding new content or updating existing content, comment approval/replies, spam cleanup and more.

Why WordPress Maintenance is vital

WordPress maintenance is absolutely necessary, but the majority of WordPress website owners simply don’t realize it. Because so many WordPress website owners neglect WordPress maintenance, hundreds of thousands of websites are suffering from:

  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Increased page loading time
  • Poor user experience
  • Declining search engine rankings

I can help you avoid these issues by taking charge of WordPress maintenance for you. Hiring me for WordPress maintenance enables you to keep yourself focused on your business, employees, your own clients, etc. Let someone else worry about all the technical aspects of running updates, backups, and dealing with security.

WordPress Updates

WordPress typically releases major updates to the core software twice a year, with minor updates released frequently to patch security vulnerabilities. WordPress themes and plugins also call for updates, which are sporadic and unpredictable.

Updates need to be applied as quickly as possible to WordPress websites, whether it’s to WordPress core or to WordPress themes and plugins. When updates are neglected, WordPress websites can become vulnerable. When updates are shrugged off, WordPress websites can become vulnerable to any and all threats. That’s why it’s necessary to keep the WordPress core, all themes and plugins up-to-date and running the latest versions.

WordPress Backups.

Backups are essential to successful WordPress websites and should not be ignored. By default, WordPress doesn’t have a built-in backup system, leaving WordPress websites vulnerable to being completely lost due to a server crash, user error or security breach.

A WordPress website with considerable amounts of content updates may want a database backup once a day at a minimum and a full, complete backup weekly. Sites with fewer content updates might not need such frequent backups, but they should still have regularly scheduled, full-site backups with backup files stored off-site.

Just keep in mind whatever backup method you select, it needs to be dependable, offer complete backups of all WordPress files, give you access to your backup files, and provide a WordPress backup and restore solution.

WordPress Security

Overseeing WordPress security and assuring full recovery is a significantly important WordPress maintenance service. It’s critical to secure WordPress websites while being certain that they are functioning at the maximum possible level.

Website security is a topic that should never be ignored, particularly for WordPress websites! In the absence of a good security strategy, your website becomes vulnerable to any and all WordPress hacks and known WordPress security issues.

An effective WordPress security strategy includes:

  • Keeping WordPress core, plugins and themes updated to the latest version.
  • Removing unused plugins and themes.
  • Using good WordPress password protection for user accounts, particularly administrator accounts.
  • Enabling WordPress two-factor authentication.
  • Removing the default ‘admin’ username.
  • Choosing a reputable WordPress hosting provider.
  • Only downloading plugins and themes from trusted, reputable sources.

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