Smart Digital Networking To Build A Powerful Online Presence, Part Three

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Smart Digital Networking To Build A Powerful Online Presence, Part Three

Grow your network by growing your email list

Once you have people visiting your sight, you want to keep them coming back. The best way for them to keep up with your business’ updates and promotions is to join your email list.

This gives you access to their contact information and allows you to connect directly with them through email. Your email list is going to be the most reliable way to reach your network without any interference.

  • Never add contacts without permission. Make sure to brush up on the legality of your list.
  • Place opt-in forms on your site
    • This is where contacts can add their information, and give permission for you to contact them.
    • In your emails, a good option is to have an “opt out” link.
  • Give them a reason to join your network
    • This could be promotions, tips and tricks, or something that your network would be interested in.

Growing your network means putting your self-promotion aside and focusing on providing value to your network. You want this network to benefit both your contacts and your business.

Take the time to create a unique website, valuable content, and don’t be afraid to let who you are (or what your business is and stands for) shine through. Make it worth connecting with!

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