Smart Digital Networking To Build A Powerful Online Presence, Part Two

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Smart Digital Networking To Build A Powerful Online Presence, Part Two

Don’t rely on social media alone

Everyone nowadays has at least one social media account, and most check them daily. This is a great way for you to build your client base, but you are not in control of these connections. Many things can happen including:

  • The social media platform could discontinue service.
  • You could lose access to your account (or the platform could shut down your account).
  • The contacts you save could disconnect or leave social media.

Having an active social media presence is important to promoting your business, but the best way to put social media to good use is to direct users to your business’ website.

  • Add your domain to all of your active social media profiles.
    • This allows you to provide unique content on both your social media page and your website.
    • A great example is posting a recent event you (your business) was a part of and add ” for more information”, “learn how you can be a part”, “check out our other upcoming events”, with a link to your website.
  • Add your domain to your business cards.
    • This allows those you meet in person to learn more about you and your business at a later time.
  • Add your domain to your email signature.
    • This can be as simple as a URL, call-to-action, or promotional.
      Your social media profiles and email signature will allow contacts to simply click and be redirected, and can be tracked to see where your contacts are being referred from. Social media profiles allow you the freedom to share your important content from your website with clickable pictures and posts.

Keep it professional, but have fun with it. Many businesses have taken to the ‘meme stream’ as a way to connect and relate to potential clients. Showing that there’s a sense of humor will aid you in networking and maintaining contacts.

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