Straight From the FAQ Archive: Why WordPress?

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In past years as a freelancer, I was asked this question A LOT less. Prior to WordPress and other CMS software, such as Drupal and Joomla, most of the web was built in good ol’ html (and/or flash). Flash sites took a hit with the dawning of the mobile age, and html, though still abundant, is falling victim to a new generation of entrepreneurs who prefer to get their hands dirty. Throughout all these changes the industry has seen, WordPress has never faltered. WordPress has never fallen behind or been successfully “outdone.” In fact, WordPress is currently running a quarter of the internet’s websites!

Anyway, back to the question…

“Why WordPress?”

To be brief:

  • It’s FREE!
  • It’s SEO Friendly
  • It’s DIY Friendly
  • It’s Mobile Friendly
  • … It’s FREE!

If you are interested in a more lengthy discussion, check out this post on 25 Reasons Your Business Should Switch To WordPress. The 4 points I’ll be addressing are just my favorite and, in my opinion, the most important. Allow me to explain…

It’s Free!

This is a big one because those DIY web builder’s that are gaining popularity come with a monthly fee. In my opinion, that fee is better spent on either faster hosting or a Web Designer – like me, perhaps 😉 – who knows what they’re doing. Not only is it free to install WordPress, there are TONS of free themes and plugins to do all the customizing your heart desires.

It’s SEO Friendly!

If you’ve made it this far, you no doubt already know what SEO means and how important it is for your online presence success. Well, there are plugins that make it SO easy to optimize your site for better search engine rankings, you wouldn’t believe that even they are free! My favorite (probably everyone’s favorite) is Yoast SEO. They even offer users a very extensive and very free guide to higher rankings for WordPress sites.

It’s DIY Friendly!

HTML and CSS, a few of the minor necessities of web design, are not easily picked up. Proof of this is clear from the booming of drag-and-drop web builders that the market has seen lately. You’ve heard of them – Wix, Weebly and Squarespace are the chart toppers. But WordPress has a few incredible drag-and-drop builders of it’s own! There are free plugins for WordPress that offer almost the same features as the sites I just mentioned, and even a few premium options with some seriously stunning capabilities for non-coders to utilize. By the way, if you hire me, I will provide you with one of the premium, robust builders (included in most packages that I offer) so you can have full control over your website!

It’s Mobile-Friendly!

I would be surprised to see a WordPress theme NOT be mobile-friendly, but in the case that one isn’t, there are even plugins to make it so. Plugins that can turn your menu into that trendy little “hamburger” icon, plugins that can turn off certain widgets or sliders when being viewed on a mobile device, and even complete mobile-theme builders that will become visible when mobile viewing is detected.

I do hope now, most of you would believe me when I say that choosing WordPress is indeed a no-brainer. I truly can’t stress enough how handy WordPress and it’s army of plugins can be for any business’ website. This won’t be the last you’ll hear from me in this topic, either… so stay tuned!