The nuts and bolts of mobile marketing – Lesson Three

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It’s time for your second lesson in The nuts and bolts of mobile marketing.

In today lesson, we are going to go over a few ways to put mobile marketing to work for your business.

As we know, one of the key factors to successful, mobile marketing is to keep your messages short and to the point. It is equally important to keep your content clean. Sending out raw, unfiltered material, even if you think it’s worthy of attention, it can be detrimental to your campaign and your reputation. Things don’t have to be outlandish to get attention. They just have to be worth of someone’s time.

It is also important to remember not treat mobile marketing simply as a way to advertise. It will work much better when you use it as a means of communication and relationship building. Ultimately, it should be a part of a systematic marketing plan that includes a multiple strategies, that all work together in order to reach your objectives.

To increase the reach of your campaigns you should employ mobile search engine optimization. A majority of the mobile searches that are made are done using Google, so having a strong SEO strategy is just as important for mobile marketing as it is for other online ventures. In addition, many devices tailor search results by location, so be sure to include location-specific web pages.

Include QR codes. They work great when used in conjunction with mobile campaigns. Put them in your ads and on your products and your customer can scan them with their smart phone. Once they scan, the code you can set up to link that will direct them exactly where you want them to go. For instance, to access a coupon, watch a video or visit your sales page.

All of your mobile marketing messages should include a strong call to action. A call to action is smiley an authoritative statement designed to spur your customers into doing something. Remember that this does not have to be a demand for an immediate purchase. It can simply be asking them to follow a link will or call for information.

To make your customers feel appreciated, send out automatic thank you texts after a purchase. The message will show your customers that you care about their business and make them feel valued. It will also help you to stick out in their memory, the next time they’re looking for what you have to offer.

Test your campaign before you start sending out your messages. Send the messages you plan to use to family, friends, coworkers or employees to make sure it displays well and all your links work this way you can make any needed changes before it goes out to every contact on your list.

That’s it for today’s lesson. In your next lesson, we will be talking about some great ways to improve the effectiveness mobile campaigns.

Kristen Sam

P.S. Again, I appreciate your joining me for this short course. Remember, if you have questions please feel free to contact me. I will be glad to help.