Web Design Tips & Tricks, series one

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Website design can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know much about it, but don’t stress.. after you discover these of Web Design Tips and you’ve completed a design or two, your understanding will grow and you’ll find that it’s not as difficult as you expected it to be!

Let’s go ahead and talk a bit about super-standard web design must-haves, but first I’d like you to consider if you’ve ever visited a site and asked yourself how they made it look so awesome?

From layout to graphic style, lots of aspects turn a website from good to great. That is precisely why I created this series of posts. To share the tips, tricks, and techniques that expert web designers utilize every day to produce great looking websites that visitors come back to again and again.

Among the essential elements of excellent web design is Navigation – making it easy for your visitors to quickly browse through your website. When you have an easy and simple to navigate site, your visitors are more likely to stick around. On the other hand, if it’s a challenge for them to find what they’re looking for, they could very well get annoyed and leave.

Another crucial element of fantastic web design is the visual appeal of your website. It’s essential to provide a consistent flow, or “look & feel,” throughout your whole website. This consists of everything from color and typefaces to images and information.

Tip: Always use the same fonts

Using too many kinds of font styles makes the content hard for visitors to take in. Standard typefaces like Arial, Veranda and Times New Roman are often the most reliable go-tos, especially for professional and business sites.

It’s OK to integrate 2 or three font types into your design, simply remember that what you want most of all is for your visitors to be able to focus on the content you are offering.

Tip: Content Presentation

Don’t overwhelm your visitors with massive chunks of text. Unless your site is offering technical or instructional documentation, then it is a good idea to avoid lengthy pages of text. Rather, present material in little chunks and brief, easy to take in paragraphs. Also, break up the paragraphs with bold headers.

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